Landscape Photography

Once you get outside the cities, tranquility and nature take over. Landscapes rarely look the same – seasons, weather and time of the day change the way we perceive landscapes. The photos are always a snippet of time capturing the one moment forever.

Architecture Photography

Cities and metropolises around the globe almost always have something beautiful to them. And in many cases it is the building that make up large parts of the impressions a city leaves on you. Pictures not always do them justice – but at least get close to it.

Night & Low-light Photography

At night, when lights leave traces photos become magical records of a few seconds or even minutes – much longer than the typical moment captured by a normal photo. Energy and and excitement are becoming visible.

Wildlife & Animal Photography

Do animals smile at the camera? Probably not on purpose – but they sometimes seem to enjoy to be a photo model. Large cats, huge elephants but also small animals are magic to witness both in real life as well as on the screen.